Why A Dog Treadmill For Exercise Is A Benefit For You Too

Anyone who owns a dog knows not only do they need a lot of attention, but they require a lot of exercise. Pets like us humans are susceptible to all kinds of maladies if they don’t have the proper diet, exercise, and mental well-being. Animals have also been known to “sense” when something with us is off too, and canines may or may not show it through their behavior. If you have the basics down, with good food, and lots of loving for Spot, what can you do when the weather is less than fair for walking him, or due to time or medical issues you personally are unable to get your dog out for a good romp. A dog treadmill for exercise might just be the saving grace you both need.


Getting one of these units specifically for your dog is advantageous for a few good reasons:

  • Maintains or improves your pets muscle tone, flexibility, and endurance
  • Provides release of extra energy for over-anxious, or hyper dogs
  • If you are incapacitated, busy or otherwise, your dog doesn’t need to miss out on a walking session-
  • Bad weather is no longer an excuse to prevent exercise from being your pet’s habit-

So before thinking they might be a waste of time and money, you really should consider how they might benefit your life too. Also, if you’re in an apartment, or area without a back yard, having a dog treadmill in your house eliminates excuses.

Human Treadmill vs Dog Treadmill

Though you may not think so, there are differences between our machines and a dog’s, so understand a few things before you set your treadmill on “stun” and put Spike on it. The running belts on dog treadmills are custom designed specifically for the way a pet moves, handling their normal strides, with ample room to fall behind, as pets often do.

A smaller dog’s gait is like ours so using a human treadmill might just work, but for a larger animal, not so much. Since much like our exercise machines, which are varied in size, strength, and speeds, this piece of equipment should be tested out maybe with your pet on hand, so as to make sure all is in order before making the justification to buy. Treadmills for your dog are an equally effective tool to keep your pet fit and your sanity in check when your beastly friend needs to “walk it off.”