Dog Adoption Resources

Need some help weeding through adoption resources? Take a gander at these sites.

Adoption – Insurance – When making the transition from adopting to ownership, click this site for general how-to information.
Pet Ownership – Insurance – A nice list of carriers of pet insurance, because animals are a part of your family too!
Shelter – Fundraising – Are you a volunteer or board member of a shelter which needs an influx of funds to operate? This source will get you on your way.
Adoption – Understanding – If you’re considering adopting an abused dog, here is the 411 on what to know beforehand.
Shelter – Volunteers – Important tasks, expectations and what’s in store if you decide to donate your time to a shelter.
Shelter – Donations – Though giving of money is always welcomed, there are other ways to provide some much-needed items to your local animal rescue center.
Shelter – No Kill – Learn why these shelters exist, how you can help them, and their importance in your community.
Adoption – Pet Health – Click here to find places which will provide your first pet medical exam for free.

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