Morrow County’s Number One Dog Shelter

Here in Mount Gilead, Ohio, Morrow County Dog Shelter prides itself on its no kill policy. We are the number one shelter for rehabilitation and that’s something we love to celebrate. Dogs are so much more than pets, they’re their own special kind of people and we treat them that way. It’s easy to dismiss an aggressive animal, deeming them hopeless but Morrow County thinks otherwise. With extensive therapy and care, we have successfully transformed former “aggressive” dogs into loving, family friendly companions. Our staff is highly trained and understands how to deal with all kinds of dog personalities and help to bring out the best in each of them. Here at Morrow County, we just know you’ll find your new best friend.

What to Expect from Us

All of our guests are promptly greeted and, assuming you’re visiting to look at potential pets, we’ll sit down with you for a brief consultation. We want to know who you are, what you like to do, if you’ve had any dogs before and how much experience you have caring for them. We’re very strict on what dogs we will adopt out because we try to avoid having the animal come back to us. This happens when guests aren’t properly interviewed and matched inappropriately with a certain dog. We will then take you through to the back and show you the best dogs that we think are most compatible. Once you’ve found someone, we will ask for a holding fee and run a background check. If you come out clear, the adoption process from that point forward is smooth sailing!

You’ll be happy to know that all of our dogs have been vaccinated, neutered, spayed and chipped. During your visit, we even allow you to walk the dog you’re interested in, interacting with them and seeing how well you connect. We believe this is an important step in finding a pet as you want to feel an instant bond with the animal you’re considering. Because we are a no kill shelter, we can easily become overwhelmed and created this site to reach more people, hoping to get the word out and encourage people to adopt.

We have had guests from all over the Midwest come and visit us and through this site, you’ll not only be able to email us directly, but book an appointment, read about our animals and discover helpful resources on dog care. We want you to be successful in finding the dog you’ve always wanted. If you’d like to contact us, please take a look through our Meet The Team page. Thank you for visiting! We can’t wait to meet you.